Khalan Bridges is a skinny guy. He hails from Maine – not the lighthouse part, the part where Stephen King lives. Growing up "Where America’s Day Begins," Khalan spent long winters indoors, eating lobsters and developing his artistic gift.

Khalan is kind of an oddball. He uses a flip phone. He won't listen to music made after the '70s. He scored a girlfriend that's both too exotic and too attractive to be dating him – that’s how you know he’s a real artist.

Khalan is a jack of all trades, master of "stop wasting my time." He paints, designs, takes pictures, sculpts, performs, invents, explores, creates, creates, creates, and sometimes hikes 26 miles in a day.

Give him a ring on his flip phone (tweets, pokes, and hashtags highly discouraged) if you’d like to get in touch about a cool gig or creative project. He may or may not pick up: "You don't own me, Pig!"